Greek Recipes – Vegan Stew

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This recipe is perfect for something quick, tasty and of course super healthy. You’ll probably have theses ingredients in your cupboard as a staple part of your family’s diet put them together along with our fanatic oregano and tomato and thyme sauces and your in for a treat!  All …

Traditional Greek Recipe: Giouvarlakia or Meatballs with Rice in an Egg Lemon Soup

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A hearty and delicious traditional Greek recipe perfect for a cold winter’s day!  Youvarlakia or giouvarlakia is a famous Greek meatball soup, which is full of Mediterranean flavours, juicy meatballs and finished off with a delicious egg lemon sauce. Its secret ingredient for this extra creamy Greek recipe for youvarlakia soup …

All About Tahini

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We have spoken about the nutritional benefit of tahini in previous blogs but this week we thought we would give you an insight on our journey so far with our Tahini and how it came about. Our son Billy used to love Nutella but when we realised what was being …

Greek Recipe: Lamb Hotpot

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This week our lamb hotpot went down a treat with the kids! On a grey Saturday afternoon it brightened up our day. We added some port chops to the mix also just because we had them! It was quick painless and full of flavour. Check out the recipe below. …

Recipe for the perfect Greek Salad

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In this hot weather what is tastier or healthier than a Greek salad with our Oleum Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our divine balsamic vinegar. They compliment each other perfectly and two essential elements to the perfect Greek salad

The wonder of the Pressure Cooker !

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Ever strapped for time to make a nutritious and wholesome meal on these cold evenings?? The pressure cooker has been a vital part of our every day cooking for years. It costs about 70 euros but will last a lifetime. Our one is over 10 years old and still …

Salad Recipes

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White Bean Hummus Join us on our food journey in 2018 and lets create a food revolution! This year we will be blogging lots about delicious healthy recipes for you to try and also posting videos with handy tips to help you out when your trying out these recipes. …